hamlet lodge


Hamlet Lodge

The Hamlet Country Lodge is situated in Prince Alfred's Hamlet near Ceres. This small but unique town is surrounded by beautiful mountains that crisps up in winter with snow. Everywhere you look  is pear-, apple- and peach orchards where all of South Africa’s best fruits are produced.

The Country lodge dates back decades, and has recently been renovated into a luxurious lodge. If you’re looking to get away from the rush of the city life, this country lodge is exactly what you are looking for. But it is not what you would expect from a small town country lodge, our rooms are furnished with the best 100% cotton linen that will give you the rest you deserve.

In addition, we have a retro bar on-site that will take you back to the seventies but with a modern, classy twist. We serve a sophisticated pub lunch and we also specialize in home-baked pizzas and gourmet burgers, with only the freshest ingredients used in our combinations.



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